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Will Dubai’s social consciousness kick in before Expo 2020?

Dubai may have won the  Expo 2020 bid but its spectacular displays will be built on the backs of exploited workers. Is a country that still discriminates against homosexuality the right choice for a global event?

Women are poorly represented in politics and economics, and that’s a problem

There is a considerable lack of women in politics, economics, STEM and business – to name a few. But why is this a problem?

A Productive Life

Child-rearer or career woman – why are our expectations for women’s achievement so narrow? Amanda argues her art and ideas can be every bit as demanding and fulfilling as having children

Russell Brand is wrong – Not voting is not the answer to political disillusion

Brand’s Newsnight dismissal of the voting system insults those who fought for voting rights in the UK says Shereen.  Disengaging with politics and throwing away the vote is not a big enough solution for the disenchanted

“Don’t be a girl about it”? On being a female cyclist in London and staying alive

Lydia shares her tips for cycling safely in London, and why you shouldn’t need to ‘man-up’ to avoid an accident

Magic mirrors: on body-image and guilt

Girls and women disillusioned with their bodies and physical appearance shouldn’t feel guilted into keeping quiet about it.

Feminist pick ‘n’ mix or why everybody’s feminism is unique

Not all feminists have the same beliefs and Annie’s cool with that. Why should you have to subscribe to a universal definition of the movement?

What I See Project feature: We attend the launch and interview its founder, Edwina Dunn

We report back from the What I See Project, and get some wise words from the woman behind the campaign.

Fed up with the creeps at mainstream club nights? Check out Girl Germs – a London night where you can get sweaty to the music you love with people who aren’t dicks. It’s a riot grrrl style revolution!

Interview with Lifting the Veil Project

We chat to Ru from Lifting the Veil Project- a website launched to address, examine and understand a range of issues which affect South Asian women